Teachers and students from East China University of Science and Technology of Shanghai come to visit Qihong Smart

In July 2019, teachers and students from Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology came to Qihong Intelligent to visit and study, and exchanged face-to-face the potential of the industrial robot industry. The students were full of confidence and looked forward to the future. 1. Programmable, the further development of production automation is flexible startup. Industrial robots can be reprogrammed as their working environment changes, so it can play a very good role in a flexible manufacturing process with balanced and high efficiency in small batches and multiple varieties, and is an important part of flexible manufacturing systems. 2. Anthropomorphic, industrial robots have human-like walking, waist turning, big arms, forearms, wrists, claws and other parts on the mechanical structure, and a computer on the control. In addition, intelligent industrial robots also have many human-like "biosensors", such as skin-type contact sensors, force sensors, load sensors, visual sensors, acoustic sensors, and language functions. The sensor improves the adaptive ability of the industrial robot to the surrounding environment. 3. Versatility. In addition to the specially designed and dedicated industrial robots, general industrial robots have good versatility when performing different tasks. For example, changing the end-of-hand manipulators (claws, tools, etc.) of industrial robots can perform different tasks.

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