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Digital intelligent workshop is a perfect integration of robots, intelligent equipment and information technology in the manufacturing industry in the true sense. It covers manufacturing, quality and logistics, and is a typical representative of intelligent manufacturing.

Based on advanced technical means such as industrial robots, intelligent logistics, automated assembly testing, and MES systems, we build an overall solution for the intelligent workshop of an enterprise. It can realize the entire life cycle of the product from design to manufacturing automation process, and fundamentally realize the transformation of enterprise manufacturing model.

AGV automatic conveying system

AGV automatic conveying system

One of the outstanding features of AGV automatic conveying system is its high intelligence. The AGV automatic conveying system can realize factory-level AGV system operation management, traffic control, task distribution, automatic charging control, map planning and other functions.At the same time, it can seamlessly integrate with MES system, intelligent storage, production line system, etc. Highly automated modern logistics.

Centralized feeding system

Centralized feeding system

The centralized feeding system is a system integrated project that realizes the centralized storage, drying, automatic conveying, and automatic metering of plastic raw materials, fast and fast color changes, reducing labor costs, reducing energy consumption, improving production efficiency, and enhancing the corporate image.

Intelligent conveying system

Intelligent conveying system

Intelligent conveying system consists of conveying system, (KUKA, SIASUN) AGV system and RGV system. Conveying system includes conveyor, transplanter, hoist, destacker, etc. It can realize straight line transportation, turn transportation, spiral transportation, diversion, confluence, uphill and downhill of goods. The outside of the conveyor is provided with a guide, which can effectively adjust the width of the channel, so that the turnover box or tray can be conveyed smoothly without jamming.

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