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Taizhou huangyan, Aiqihhon smart technology co., LTD., is a new combination of large-scale platform. Aiqihhon has been engaged in automation industries for 12 years, provides injection molding automation solution, non-standard customization, non-standard manipulators... Aiqihhon is located in taizhou huangyan China mold and die expo city, in the service of the future digital and intelligent high-end equipment of high-tech enterprises.
Aiqihhon focuses on the integration of enterprise automation, information and integration application, providing one-stop intelligent factory overall solution. Build intelligent, efficient automation system integration workstation for customers.


Provide automation solutions







With carefully chosen partners and an excellent reputation in product and service quality, Aiqihhon can offer a range of technologies and products to support your business.

The intelligent handling system is based on an industrial robot. The robot body uses full servo drive, positioning and precise motion trajectory, fast response speed, safe and reliable performance.


Qihong has a rich lineup of robotic products that can meet various customer needs! Take out the manipulator that plays an important role in plastic moulding!


The entire plant of Feida Sanhe Workshop was transformed, and unmanned production workshops and finished products on the second floor were unpacked


Provide a variety of high-performance auxiliary equipment for injection molding production.



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02 2020-03

Injection molding automation solution

Aiqihhon's main industries are automated manipulators and Injection molding automation equipment, providing you with the most comprehensive, reasonable, and hassle-free automation solutions.

24 2020-02

non-standard customization

Qihong has launched a series of non-standard custom projects. Non-standard custom robot repair flash, non-standard custom junction box screw, non-standard custom cooling water tank, non-standard custom screw cap.

05 2020-02

Automation solution for injection molding

As a professional automation manufacturer in the injection molding industry, we provide Automation solution for injection molding and one-stop service for injection molding, from the initial product conception, planning, development, installation to production start-up.

14 2020-01

Maintenance of non-standard manipulator

In order to effectively use the non-standard manipulators produced by Qihong for a long time and avoid mechanical failure and accidents, the non-standard manipulator must be checked regularly.

15 2019-11

Invitation letter︱November 16-18, Qihong Intelligent Technology will meet you at Huangyan Mould Expo 2019

We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2019 Huangyan Mould Expo in Huangyan Mould Expo City from November 16th to 18th, 2019

09 2019-11

Taizhou Market Supervision Interview with Qihong Smart

On November 9, 2019, Taizhou Market Supervisor interviewed Qihong Smart. The company warmly received and introduced to the market supervisor the company's current production scale and the company's future development direction.

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