Automation solution for injection molding

Aiqihhon is your ideal partner for all production stages, even for complex applications. Together with our team of automation experts, you can develop automation solutions with ideal cost-effectiveness and performance for your projects. As a professional automation manufacturer in the injection molding industry, we provide automation solution for injection molding and one-stop service for injection molding,, from the initial product conception, planning, development, installation to production start-up. Aiqihhon will meet your requirements by using multifunctional modular components to help you expand and configure your production line, and all components can be perfectly coordinated with each other to suit the required application field.

Whether it is a simple application or a complex application, Aiqihhon's effective integration of robotics and automation technology in injection molding provides customers with many advantages, including:
Enhance part quality
Reduce labor and material costs
Reduces variance between parts and waste of materials
Increase machine utilization for faster and more efficient production of injection molded parts
Central production monitoring, efficient centralized monitoring of the entire injection molding production facility. Monitor and record detailed analysis data of process parameters, quality and productivity.

Capable Aiqihhon's experienced automation department uses new automation technologies, and its application areas include:
Non-standard manipulator
Machine tool loading and unloading automation
Material handling, metering automation
In-mold labeling automation
Automatic sorting, stacking, assembly, pickup and other downstream operations
Robotics for automated units such as handling, spraying, welding, etc.

Aiqihhon is committed to improving the speed and reliability of our injection molding operations. Fully consider the automated design of parts, molds and processes. Aiqihhon regards robotics and automation of injection molding as one of the elements to successfully achieve engineering cost control, quality and plastic injection molded parts, and it is also a key component of the molding process and integrated operation. Aiqihhon's automation engineers have superb robot technology and have developed various series of industrial robots. Suitable for various injection molding machines from 110 tons to 3500 tons.

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