Maintenance of non-standard manipulator

In order to effectively use the non-standard manipulators produced by Qihong for a long time and avoid mechanical failure and accidents, the non-standard manipulator must be checked regularly.

The tightness of each screw is determined by the long-term high-speed fierce impact. The tightness of the screw is the most important reason for the failure of the manipulator.

1) Tighten the screws of the limit switches for up, down, back and forth, travel, and products;

2) Confirm the tightness of the mounting screws of the air control cabinet and the electric control cabinet and the tightness of the relay signal end in the cabinet;

3) The tightness of each baffle and braking device.

Lubrication of various friction parts; Add lubricating oil regularly, please refer to the regular checklist for maintenance;

Due to the accumulation of wear marks, oil stains, and dust on the guide rail and the surface of the track, the effective operation of the machine is affected, and regular cleaning and maintenance are required. In addition, if there are scars after the impact on the surface of the guide rail, please replace it with a new one in time;

Damage and aging of the air hose can cause abnormal air pressure (air flow). If there is air leakage from each connector or air hose, please replace it in time.

Because of the unavoidable accumulation of moisture in the air due to long-term use, it is necessary to periodically perform drainage treatment, and at the same time visually checks whether the air pressure value is normal and stable.


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